10 Reasons Home Automation is becoming Ubiquitous

  1. It adds comfort and convenience to our homes. One-touch controls and automation remove mundane and repetitive tasks.
  2. Scene automations like“Goodnight”, “Return Home”, “Movie Night”, “Entertaining” and more make life easier and a lot more fun it’s the dazzling “WOW Factor”.
  3. It adds intelligence – like automatically dimming bathroom lights when activated in the wee hours.
  4. It can inconspicuously control lighting, blinds, music, temperature and so much more to set the mood in our homes.
  5. Audio Visual. It drives audio visual and other entertainment systems
  6. Safety and Security. It interconnects with smoke and flood sensors and alarms, access control, and surveillance cameras.
  7. Peace of Mind. It’s accessible remotely from smartphones and tablets, and can also be controlled via touchpads, and normal switches.
  8. Almost limitless application. Once limited to lighting control it can now control and automate just about everything in our homes.
  9. Energy Efficiency. It can reduce home energy consumption – close blinds/curtains to reduce heat load, supply power to appliances only when they are being used or likely to be used, turn heating and AC on ‘just in time’.
  10. Affordable. It’s now much more affordable than you think – modern technologies and increased uptake have driven the cost down dramatically.