Imagine a home that anticipates your needs …

Return home to the lifestyle the way you like it.

You’ve heard your neighbours and friends talking about their Smart Home, Smart Appliances and the Internet of Things, but what does it all mean?  We’ll explain how connecting the 5 pillars of Home Automation – Climate control, lighting, multimedia, security and energy management – can enhance your lifestyle.

In today’s experience economy, we find our clients no longer desire isolated triggers such as lighting control or automated blind controls with multiple touch points.  They want their homes to anticipate their movements and needs, a little like Google Now.  Your house should respond to your needs.

You can experience this by combining automation of the climate control, lighting, multimedia, security and energy management systems in your house to create “scenes”.  “Scenes” combine your usual routines and triggers such as movement, time, temperature, and geo-position to anticipate your needs.  The scenes control a series of connected devices that create a desired experience like waking up, movie night, coming home or going to bed, which triggers various connected devices to act to create your preferred environment.

The technology to achieve this is provided by a range of market leading companies that are experts in the field of Home Automation such as, Control4, Schneider-Electric, Fibaro Global, Sonos, – each system has its own unique features and benefits that makes today’s truly connected Smart Home a very accessible dream come true.

Imagine a home that speaks for itself, imagine a home that wakes you up in the morning with your favourite radio station, opens the blinds/curtains to your desired level and switches on the coffee machine – all without you doing a thing.  A home that arms your home security system and turns off unnecessary power points when everyone leaves the house, notifies you of alarms and lets you view your surveillance cameras from anywhere on your smartphone. Imagine a home that adjusts to the desired temperature on your way home, that opens your garage door as you approach, and turns on the lights and music welcoming you home.

Home Automation – implemented well creates independence for some and better life experiences for all.

The Home Automation Co. also provides Assisted Living solutions.

This is what our clients say.

WheelChair phone web“Without the system and motorised door I wouldn’t be able to live at home – I’d have to be in a nursing home.  It’s beautiful to be able to enter and leave my own home.  Being able to open my building entry doors and front door from my bed and wheelchair has given me the independence I’ve craved for years.”  Amanda Hempsall, Ryde

“It’s given me back some independence.  I can let people into the garage and building, control the lights, blinds, and entry door from my iPhone without needing to be mobile.  It’s also taken a load off others which is a big psychological benefit for me.  We like the system’s simplicity, flexibility and capacity.  And it’s great to be able to let people in even when we’re not at home.”  Phillip Gely, Manly

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