Accessible Solutions

Accessible solutions allow people with disability to live as independently as possible, enhancing their health, wellbeing and participation in the community.

Access the solution using methods best suited to the individual – from easy to use tablet and smartphone devices, voice control, switch scanning and more to control motorised doors, lights, blinds, heating, air conditioning, TVs and adjust for everyday use, weekends and holidays.  And or course you can still use the normal light switch…


“Without the system and motorised door I wouldn’t be able to live at home – I’d have to be in a nursing home.  It’s beautiful to be able to enter and leave my own home.  Being able to open my building entry doors and front door from my bed and wheelchair has given me the independence I’ve craved for years.”  Amanda Hempsall, Ryde.

“It’s given me back some independence.  I can let people into the garage and building, control the lights, blinds, and entry door from my iPhone without needing to be mobile.  It’s also taken a load off others which is a big psychological benefit for me.  We like the system’s simplicity, flexibility and capacity.  And it’s great to be able to let people in even when we’re not at home”  Phillip Gely, Manly

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