RTI Drivers

Hilium Pty Ltd, the owner of The Home Automation Co. develops RTI Drivers for home automation related applications.  These drivers are commercially available to RTI Integrators.

Each of the drivers may be downloaded from this website and will operate for a trial period of 1 hour from processor reboot or project transfer.  An unrestricted license for a driver may be obtained by contacting support@hilium.com.au.

Ness D8/16XD Driver. The Ness D8/16XD family of security alarm panels lead the Australian security industry.  The driver allows for full control of, and status feedback from, the Ness D8/16XD alarm panel over RS232 or Ethernet. “Installer” experience with the Ness D8/16XD alarm is required.  The driver has been tested using 1) an RS232 directly connected to RTI XP-3; and 2) over ethernet using Global Cache iTach Flex IP Version IP to RS232 converter; and Elk IP232 IP to RS232 converter.

Download Ness D8/16XD Driver ver 1.0, Feb 2020

Somfy RS485 RTS Driver.  This driver greatly simplifies use of the 16 channel Somfy RS485 RTS Transmitter to provide open, close, stop and channel set functions.  It allows for control of the Somfy RS485 RTS Transmitter over RS232 or Ethernet.  The driver has been tested using 1) a Generic RS232 to RS485 converter directly connected to RTI XP-3; 2) over ethernet using Global Cache iTach Flex IP Version IP to RS232 converter and a generic RS232 to RS485 converter; and 3) a Generic RS485 to Ethernet (IP) Converter.

Download Somfy RS485 RTS Driver ver 2.1, Aug 2021

Global Cache IR & Serial Driver.  This driver simplifies use of the Global Cache iTach Flex series and similar interface devices.  This driver has been tested using infrared (IR) output and RS232 output.  It will also send RS232 outputs using generic IP to RS232 devices.

Download Global Cache IR & Serial Driver ver 1.1, Mar 2021